Bitsetting disabled?

The bitsetting option seems to be disabled on my drives. I am trying to set my DVD+R and Memorex +R DL media to DVD-ROM, but the ability to either write the changed type or select the media type is either grayed out or disabled and cannot be selected. I have tried LiteOn’s BookType utility, Nero CD-DVD Speed, and DVDDecrypter.

I’ve tried this on these three drives:

SOHW-1693S06C (retail) original firmware KS09
SOHW-1693S03C (oem) original KS09 flashed to KS0A, KS0B, patched KS0B (
SOHW-1633S flashed to BS0S

I have one other drive , SOHW-812S, firmware unknown, that I can try.

Any ideas? TIA

do you have nvidia ide drivers installed or oudated aspi drivers?
if so, remove the nvidia drivers and let windows install the default. and for the aspi drivers, search for forceaspi.

Mine shows exactly the same thing, but when I burn +R they turn out ROM. I have to assume Liteon is just being difficult. MS drivers.