Bitsetting comes on 0050 for 1004!

Marco say´s:

bitsetting has been added in 49b3, so 0050 will also have it.

Let´s go!!!:bow:

and 1008???

Bitsetting for 1008 is already implemented in v256 IIRC. :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to that? Because I was under the impression that 256 did not have bitsetting capabilities.

great, :bow:

(6) k

Where did you find 049b3?

Dear BTC 1004 users,

I met Marco today (24.03.) on CeBit Fair in Hannover (Germany) at their booth, and he said that BTC will provide the new firmware V50 next week (after 29th of march).

I think this is a very good news for all who has problems with their DVD Players :slight_smile:

cu @ll


i hope that 050 is here soon as I have about 35 discs that only work with one of my standalones and I wanna see if they’ll run after changing the bitsetting.

you can only change bittsetting on dvd+rw discs afterwards! so if these discs are dvd-r or dvd+r, no chance!

The 35 disks I’m referring to are blanks that i’ve had since i first bought my writer. I’ve been patirntly waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting ever since bitsetting was mentioned for this writer

why didn’t you try firmware 49b1? it is a beta but bitsetting works here without trouble with that firmware.

where can i download the o49b1

you can download it here


do anyone has any idea whern 050 is coming out for windown flash firm ware

Hi All,

Has anyone heard about firmware 50? Its well past the week of the 29th?.


“To Live is to Burn”

well ask and ye shall receive:

Haven’t tried it yet but will soon!!!

Hi @ll,

to download firmware directly from BTC home V50 for 1004 drive, click here :