Bitsetting Combo SOHC 5323k what software can change it?

Hi all i have a a problem with my Lite0on SOHC-5323k combo drive do you know what software that will can be able to change the bitsetting for this drive?

I have tried a few but so far cannot find any that will allow it to be changed.

You can’t bitset with a combo drive… it can’t write DVDs, only read them.

Ok thanks for the info, i will have to take it back and pay some extra for a dvd burner to replace it.

Problem that i got for information to others was. I do backup of mpeg files as data to dvd-r with nero udf as 2gig limit. But come to read the mpeg files back onto hd it does copy but extreemly slow at doing so. My burner a NEC drive was slow until i made the bitsetting for it dvd-r now a full dvd copies to hd in 3-4 mins as fast as a full cd would do on my system. Shame that the Lite-On drive i have is let down by the read speed.