Bitsetting / booktyping with an NEC2510?



Hey all…:slight_smile:

I have an NEC2510 which has served me well, but was wondering if I can use this drive and bitset +r media with it. Current installed firmware is factory stock 2.18. and burning with Nero

I’ve serached the threads and found tons of info about bitsetting dl, and modified firmwares for NEC models newer than this one, but nothing really directed to my model.

I usually get good burns, but would like to bitset +r for greater compatibility on a couple of my set top players…



NEC firmwares have no BS support.

Flash with an patched one. Liggy&Dee, Herrie, MadDog.


I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Liggy&Dee’s thread, as well as the official site…they do great work, but little support for the 2510…most for 3500+ NEC wise, I’ll see if herrie or maddog have a knackered fw…thanks for the info chef…:slight_smile:


Have you tried VideoHelp for a hack or maybe some other tool?



I’ve been to that site many times for conversion tools avi to dvd and such…but not for this issue…I’ll poke around there abit…thanks SlayerKing…:slight_smile:


@Chef, grabbed a MadDog ver of 2.18 from Herries site, thanks for the link hoss…:slight_smile:

Will let ya know how it goes…:slight_smile:


Should work fine, depending on what software you will use.

Enable it in Nero in the recorder options, in DVDD & ImgBurn it’s easier.


There should be a bit setting tool in the package as well, there was when I got my version
I originally used 2.f8 on my 2500@2510 but switched to the 2.f9 version later. Still running it. Both are highly recommended.


This still shows as 2.18, but it’s the modded 2.18 from herries site based on MadDog, it came with the win ver of binflash, which is also a bitsetting utility. Tried a rip last night, and riplock does indeed seem removed. Tried a burn today on a fuji MIJ 8x with binflash in the backround set to dvd-rom (active) in the backround for dvd+r SL with nero. The disc burned as expected at 8x, and plays fine on the pc. Will play the dvd in my set top and let ya guys know how it panned out…:slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help, makes me proud to talk up and pitch in where I can on this site…:slight_smile:


Update, ravenous played just fine on the set top with this media that used to play back skippy and jumpy. So this does indeed seem to have helped a great deal…:slight_smile:

nero cd/dvd speed reports the burn as a dvd-rom, nothing caught on fire during the flash process…

Thanks again for all the help…:slight_smile:


Glad it all works, but I didn’t understand the bity about binflash in the background as I never had to do anything like this.


To be honest…I left it in the backround as I read some of the bitsetting tools had to be left running in the backround during the burn. Wasn’t sure I needed to, but did it as a save rather than sorry measure…

My guess is it sets the drive dvd-rom till next reboot whether the software is running or not after the temporary set.

I did see that with this tool you can only bitset my drive 500 times with this tool, but reading more on Liggy and dee’s there is a verbose dos command that can reset the number when you want…so all good there, and at the rate I burn…500 +r’s bitset will long outlast this drive…lol


I have this drive, I’m using a version of Herrie’s FW, you bitset the drive once and you’re done until you change it again.


That’s exactly how mine works as well, which is why I asked the question.


I’ve found that as well…once changed it stays…untill you reset it with the utility…Thanks again…:slight_smile: