What is the difference? And as for booktype, what would be a reason for me to change it? I see that I have the option in dvd decryptor but dont really understand the need/use of doing it. Thanks


booktype changes dvd + R media to dvd-rom.The reason for this is older dvd players are not compatible with some dvd +R media.Even though most new dvd players play almost every kinda disc,setting the booktype to dvd-rom is just insurance.


On a related note. I finished editing a home movie and am getting ready to burn it. Is the bitsetting done during the burn setup, or is this something that can be done to a dvd+r after it’s been burned?


I could be wrong, but IMO, the bitsetting should be done BEFORE burning your disc.


booktype is set during the process of burning the disc.Not for sure at what time but it’s done during.


setting the booktype is done during the burning for computer dvd burners, but if i think that some standalone dvd recorders allow changing the booktype even after the initial recording is done.