Bitsetting/Booktype with firmware v156

There seems to be a lot of confusion wether the newest firmware supports (v56 or v156) bitsetting or not.
I can tell you, it does!

Either you use the bundled Nero version or the bitsetting tool provided with firmware 55b3 (didn’t test the one from 55b2, but it may work to).

I attached a picture so you can see where in Nero you can select the booktype.

Hope I could help some people in here,


And here’s the picture:

Can you show a screenshot of book setting with the BTC utility version 1.02? I’ve tried it on two different drives and have been unable to get it to work, in both cases it didn’t even present the current book type. That strongly suggests to me that 56/156 does not support bitsetting.

Ignore what you’re seeing in Nero, it applies to Ricoh-type drives only, because that’s all Nero currently supports. I don’t know what will happen if you try to set the book type in Nero, but I wouldn’t try it unless I didn’t care what happened to the disc. :wink:

obviously you didn’t read my posting and just looked at the picture.
As I mentioned I didn’t test it with the bitsetting tool delivered with firmware 55b2.
The tool provided with Version 55b3 (DVDBitSet104) is working with firmware v156 very fine as does Nero in the Version bundled with the drive (

Can you post a link to the 55b3/DVDBitSet 1.04 firmware and tool?

I received it from BTC via email.
since i don’t have any webspace a the moment i can’t provide it for download.
If someone could do that i would send him the .zip-file

Private message sent.


I have nero version, but it does not show the book type
DVD-ROM check that pizza-man tells us about. Of course, I have upgraded to firmware V156 my BTC 1004, but bitsetting does not seem to work. Everything else works fine.

Any Ideas?

As already mentioned:

"Either you use the bundled Nero version or the bitsetting tool provided with firmware 55b3 "

But shouldn´t version be even better than version due to being newer?
Or do I miss any plug-in that is not included in version ?

I am willing to host the original zip from Marco for 1008IM firmware 55b3 and bitsetting tool 1.04 if someone will e-mail it to me. Send private message for e-mail address.

But shouldn´t version be even better than version due to being newer?

I guess that Nero is a “more advanced” Verion than Nero, and thats the reason why it has a higher Version number :wink:

But, currently and as far as I know, the ONLY Version of Nero supporting bitsetting with the BTC-Drives (and ONLY with firmware 55b2, 55b3 and 156) is the one bundled with the drive (

If someone doesn’t have this version or don’t want to use it (for whatever reason) he/she has to use the bitsetting tool provided with the firmware-beta’s.

Firmware 55b3 and the bitsetting tool can be downloaded here:

Thanks to rbiscani!

The link is not working!

The first access gives not authorised.

If you refresh in the browser, then it downloads.

I got it ,
I burned a DVD+R disk using the bitsetting utility , and tried it in one of my DVD players which it is not compatiable with DVD+R, and the disk works!

Okay, my DRW 1008IM (with V0156 firmware) seems to work with the DVDBitSet104.exe utility included with 55b3 and a DVD+RW. (Haven’t tested it with a DVD+R yet.) The utility is definitely a different binary from the one included with the 55b2 firmware, which does not appear to work with the V0156 firmware.

The only thing “weird” is that the bitsetting utility recognizes the Media Type and On Disc Book Type both as DVD+RW, even after you set the On Disc Book Type to DVD-ROM. Also, DVDInfoPro continues to show the Book Type as DVD+RW.

However, in a different recorder (Plextor PX-708A, for example), DVDInfoPro shows what you would expect, with the Book Type as DVD-ROM, and the Media Type as DVD+RW.

At least it works now!

It works! I also burned a DVD+R with this bitsetting utility. DVDInfoPro shows the Book Type as DVD-ROM, and the Media Type as DVD+R.

I do remember that I read somewhere that you may need to put the disk in another drive to have DVDInfoPro show the correct Book Type.

Thanks, PizzzaMan!

1008 with v0256 here, not working with BitSetting 104
Cannot select drive (NULL)?

I am new to this but i have a quick question… What exactly is bitsetting/Booktype? I just flashed my 1008IM to 0256 firmware because i kept making coasters. It seem to be burning correctly now. But from reading thur these forums i see the term Bitsetting/Booktype… Does it mean I can use DVD +R Media, set the Bitsetting/Booktype to DVD -R and they will play in DVD players that support DVD- R Media only?
How do you use the booktype tool ?

Thanks for any follow-up