Bitsetting (booktype) confusion!

I’m a little confused on bitsetting, as I’m getting my first bitsetting burner tomorrow, and I’ve searched but haven’t found the answer I’m looking for, so I come with hat in hand to the geniuses here.

I understand that bitsetting +R and +RW media to the DVD-ROM booktype results in better compatibility with set-top DVD video players.

But I’m wondering how bitsetting affects the reading in a DVD drive in a computer?

If I bitset a +RW, I’m assuming I can still erase it and rewrite it again?

Also, if I bitset a +R with data on it, does it affect it’s readability in a computer DVD drive?

Thanks guys, and apologies for the simple question!

Reading in PC drives in unaffected; they still will read discs if they are readable (i.e if not contain too many burning errors/scratches)

Yes :iagree:

If disc don’t contain too much errors/scratches, then it’s perfectly readable

geno, you rock, thanks a ton!

You’re welcome :bigsmile:

One other related question, if I may: What is the best DVD+RW media?

Sure, you can do many questions here :bigsmile:

Good quality rewritable are Verbatim. I have rather good results also with PHILIPS041 media (some with Philips brand, other with Memorex brand): I already wrote some of them about 45 times, and are still usable.

If you plan to use many times rewritable, maybe you can consider also RAM media; they are more reliable than RW media.

In case of +RW media, I would stick to Philips, Ricoh and Verbatim media. Also TDK might be good.