Bitsetting <---> book type

I was reading a review of a drive on CDfreaks, and was wondering what this is all about:

BookType (Bitsetting):

The Lite-On SHM-165P6S supports Bitsetting, and will as default write DVD+R DL media with DVD-ROM BookType.

Is book type something that helps a set top home dvd player to play discs correctly…? What’s it mean when a dvd+R DL is written as a dvd-rom ? I mean, what’s the benefit ?

Do you want a burner that sets the book type for each diff type of disc? I use dvd-r & dvd+r (whatever’s on sale). Only use dvd-RWs for data backup. I sometimes use DL disks also, for movie backups.

Changing the booktype as ROM is useful to make the standalone think that the disc that is reading is not a burned disc, but a pressed one.

This improve highly compatibility of burned media on picky standalones.

What Geno said is correct. :iagree:

However, the booktype normally applies to only + media, like DVD+R and + DL, as IIRC, nothing in the - medias will be changed to DVD-ROM, so realize not all formats can be changed to be read as DVD-ROM. :wink:

I use +R and -R to backup my movies. Depends on whatever blanks I have at the moment. I just buy whatever’s on sale at the local stores. I think I remember reading somewhere that +R burn faster than -R ? Which one has better compatibility on set top home DVD players, or is there no diff ?

The best compatibility should be with +R media with booktype set as ROM, then follow -R media, and finally there are +R media.

Rewritable media are the most “difficult” for standalones; some refuse to read them at all, even if you change booktype of +RW to ROM.

But with recent standalones there are no problems; they read anything, so changing booktype is not more important, with the only exception of DL discs; even in recent standalones changing booktype of +DL discs can improve hugely compatibility.

Thanks [B]Quema[/B] :bigsmile:

Not true.

Or at least, not true currently. Before 16x burners were the norm, it was pretty standard that a drive could do 8x for DVD+R and 4x for DVD-R, or 12x for +R and 8x for -R. But now, it’s all 16x, all equal.

Some drives did that, but I think mainly of the bad results getting with (some) 8x -R media. :wink: Of course there are also drives that are incapablöe of burning 8x -R but can burn 8x +R.

Cpl of weeks ago I burned my 1st DVD+DL ,lateron after havin a diskerror in my standalone I found out on that my standalone doesnt read burned DL DVD’s.
Changing the booktype setting to DVD-ROM before the next DVD+DL burn will be readable by my standalone then?

Didnt work under NERO cd/dvd speed tool, downloaded the booktype tool from Liteon,didnt work either,finally got it to work with DVD Decrypter. :clap:

also try imgburn.