Bitsetting and firmware updates on LiteOn 851s

Howdy Everyone,

I’m new to DVD writing and thought I’d take care of a bunch of stuff all at once.
I just bought a LiteOn LDW-851s (it was acutally a Pacific Digital 8x ± RW for just $69 no rebates needed). I have been very happy with it and evidently it is a pretty popular drive. A friend suggested updating the firmware and I have seen many posted suggesting this as well. Most have said to download the new version and edit as necessary and some suggest a firmware made by the “codeguys” and just install it as is. but I can’t seem to find the actual file. Where is the actual file? How do I install it?

Also I have an XBOX with a Samsung drive. I have burned a few -R discs with no problems. However I just purchased a 25pk of +R and noticed several posts about “bitsetting” and “booktyping” to be able to use them on the XBOX. I am using Nero Ultra When I launch, it asks what type of DVD to burn, Options are:
DVD-ROM (boot)
and i’m not sure which one to use. I have been using DVD-ROM(ISO) for the -R media, but +R burned like this are not read. What do I need to do to make the +R acceptable?

I know there are simple answers to both of these questions, and I have searched but there is too much information available about both with no definite how to. So, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

The codeguys’ firmware is hosted at

The file you want is actually listed under the SOHW-832 section. Your two choices are ‘VS0B - patched for 451, 851’ or CG3B. VS0B is the latest official Lite-On firmware for the 832S. For all intents and purposes, your 851 will then behave and be recognized as an 832S, except without the ability to burn 8x -R (due to hardware differences). CG3B is a semi-experiemental firmware (but still stable) that will add about a minute or two to the time it takes to burn a full disc, but at the advantage of better write quality.

Your bitsetting question can be taken care of at the same time. Download the omnipatcher from the codeguys’ same website (under ‘patchers’). Load up either the VS0B or CG3B .exe file that you just downloaded and check the ‘auto-bitsetting’ option. This will make the drive write +R and +RW discs with a -ROM booktype by default, no matter which burning program you use. A much more elegant solution than manually changing it every time in Nero. The only negative would be that sometimes, +RW discs written by your drive would not be eraseable in other drives. But if you don’t use +RW or swap +RW discs between drives, there is absolutely no negative to autobitsetting.

Just hit save in the omnipatcher, run the resulting exe file and make sure your 851 is selected in the dropdown box if you have multiple optical drives.

P.S. Using the modified firmware will void your warranty, but it is entirely safe and completely reversible if you don’t like it.

Gee thanks. That was simple. Worked great the first time (only ruined 2 disks trying before asking lol). This site is great. Answers all kinds of questions i had b4.

Thanks to Everyone!!