Bitsetting and booktype changing ONLY with DVD+R, DVD+RW AND DVD+RW DVD+RW DL

Hi is bitsetting and booktype changing only works with PLUS “+” disks I mean DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+RW DL? Not with MINUS “-” disks like DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RW DL?

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This is correct the only bitsetting is done with plus “+” media only.

That’s a shame I just bought 50 DVD-R disks :frowning: Hey how do I know if my DVD burner supports Bitsetting and Booktype changing?

What is the brand and the model number and I can tell you.

It’s from TSSTcorp (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation) and the model is SH-S182F.

There was a review done on that drive to look at it and see all the possibilities and the bad things read the link I provide you here.

Mine is SH-S182F NOT SH-182D I think its the same one but I’m not sure, so asn I understood, it supports bitsetting right?

The best way to tell on th TSSTcorp is to put a dvd +r and try using nero cd/dvd speed to set it to dvd-rom. I am pretty sure it will though.

What I am waiting CD/DVD speed to display?

You want to set the booktype.

Version 2

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Many manufacturers provide their own tools for bitsetting, but sometimes those links aren’t supported after a while. BenQ a prime example where many of the links have ceased since the deal with Lite-On. All is not lost however as Nero does this feature for many drives out there. [Important to note that Nero changes are sent to the drive. Therefore you don’t need to repeat after a reboot etc. Software changes are generally temporal & have to be set each time].
Firstly if you don’t want the whole Nero pckage the is that Nero’s CD/DVDSpeed will do.
To start download CD/DVDSpeed & install (that is if it isn’t already there.)
Run CD/DDVDSpeed. Select drive via the dropdown envelope.See example. [Picture #1]

Then goto Extra & drop down to Bitsetting & click.
This is what you should see.[Picture #2]

In the following you see a window with the options.
Disc type tells you the media that can be booktyped.
Book Type tells you the current status.
New Setting will give confirmation of the chioce you’ve selected. (Chioce are via the dropdown window as seen here. To confirm change just click on Set Button.[Picture #3]

If the change fails you’ll see this.(It does not necessarily mean that booktyping is not possible. Only that if it’s possible. Then via s/w is the only option).[Picture #4]

If a a success then confirmation will be shown.[Picture #5]

If drives f/w supports auto bitsetting then it’s likely that the options will be greyed out.[Picture #6]

If this is the case then all ypu can do is a test burn & check booktype after.[Picture #7]

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No problem the true credit on the pics and tutorial goes to zebadee as he is the author of this originally.

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That is rightso far unless otherwise proven and become available in the market for average joe .

What? Sorry for not understanding you but English is my second language :wink:

I think it was sarcasm? Don’t worry about it. :smiley:

There is also no need to “bitset DVD-R” media.

Why not?

Bitsetting for DVD-R is not needed since basically all DVD players support them out of the box. If I remember correctly, then DVD-R was defined in the DVD standard when it was established.


And bitsetting were “introduced” by Philips when they brought DVD+RW into the market.

First came DVD-RAM, then DVD-R, DVD-Rw, then DVD+RW and then DVD+R.