Bitsetting after finalizing

Is there any way to bitset after a DVD has been finalized? By updating my BIOS I can now write to a DVD+R and make it a DVD-ROM all in one operation. However, I have hundreds of old DVD+R’s that were written as DVD+R format. Is there any way to convert or bitset just the header to DVD-ROM now that they are already written?

perhaps time travel would work, but it’s yet to become, er, a REALITY. Merry Christmas ! Ho, ho, ho. :slight_smile:

Simply put, you cannot change bitsetting once the disk was burned. What you have is what you keep. Only way to do it is to copy the disk over again and use a new disk.
I think you meant by updating your burners firmware you can now burn DVD-Rom, the Bios (motherboard firmware) has nothing to do with the format of the disk, only with DMA and PIO enabling.
When you do a burn it’s permanent and you cannot alter the disks contents, one exception is DVD R/W disks that you can erase and use again.