Bitsetting a new ad7201a

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC AD-7201A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a brand new ad7021a can this be updated by liggys and dees bitsetting 109 firmware am im right in thinking the bootcode may have changed if scan my drive with binflash ? this what i get

Binflash - NEC GUI version - © by Liggy, Herrie and r-man

GUI version v1.47
Drive interface v1.34
NEC interface v1.47
NEC internal v1.47

Using NEC bitsetting commands version 2

Just try flashing your drive. Binflash will complain if the bootcode doesn’t match. But don’t forget to dump your old firmware first, in case you want to go back

treid dumpimg get error message while trying dump firmware is this becauce there have been hardware changes to this new drive

for your info the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool does not reconise this drive either please is there anyway to bitset this drive or is it because the drive is differant to a previous ad7201a many thanks

well must admit i did not try pio mode must be the heat in pio mode managed to reflash drive , my old ad4750 would reflash in dma , just for the record is the 109 bitset firmware identical to the stock 109 except for the bitsetting coding bazer

If you used 109bt_orig then yes, the only difference is the bitsetting code. 109bt_rpc1 also converts to RPC1 and removes region locking mechanism in the firmware.

However flashing the 7201A should have worked in DMA mode too.

thats what i thought im thinking of returning the drive do you think im being a bit hastey ?.
the ide drivers are microsoft not nivada drivers as the motherboard is a navada 2 chipset, also if i reflash with optirc gen firmware i dont have to go to pio mode many thanks

tried to reflash 4570 and get same error when tried to dump firmware in dma mode , ok in pio mode ,have changed ide cable and tried on another hd but with same mboard however I did reflash my original ad4570 drive with 1z1 which comes with firmware and binflash combined this works ok in dma mode, I wonder if this a nivada problem ?

one other observation is a cd I burned with the ad7201a which showed no c2 errors with Nero cdspeed did show errors when I ran the quality scan with the ad4570 are nec reliable in cd quality tests or is the 4570 giving random results, one other point a cd I burnt with the ad4570 which did show c2 errors with the quality scan did not show errors when the same disk was run in the ad7201a for a disk quality scan .