Bitsetting 3520a in a duplicator

This is my first post, so excuse any FNG slips.
I built a DVd duplicator using a Wyntron 399 controller card and 4 NEC 3520a drives (can fit more drives but this is enough for now :slight_smile: ). I want to flash the drives to do auto bitsetting of +R discs to DVD-ROM. From what I’ve read here once I update the firmware with the modified firmware then the drives will book-set the discs to ROM, yes?
So these drives reside in a stand alone tower and no computer attached.
Here is my thought process on updating the firmware.
Hook up a 3520a drive in my PC to an IDE cable, use bin flash to backup the installed firmware from the first drive. Then flash the first drive reboot and repeat on the remaining drives. Reinstall them into my tower and done.
Anything else?
And thanks to all of people who post the information here. I have been making DVDs for 3 years now (lots of ooops) and this is the most knowledgable forum I have found.

Sounds about right.

So now I am searching to make the decision on which firmware version to use for flash. I am very content with 8X burn speed in most cases. I want the NEC 3520a drives to auto bitset the +R discs to DVD-ROM. I see all kinds of firmware patches available and don’t fully comprehend some of the descriptions. Also it looks like NEC is getting ready to announce a new firmware version. Does that usually mean there is a modified version soon to follow?
My process of physically mounting 4 drives individually for the flash encourages me that I do it right the first time to make the effort worth it all.
Any recommendations?