Bitset/Booktype DVD+R Media to DVD-ROM with TS-H652M DVD Burner



Hello everyone! I’m Shadowz O Death, a new member here at Club CD Freaks, but you may call me Jason! :slight_smile: What software should I use to bitset/booktype DVD+R media to DVD-ROM with a TS-H652M DVD burner? Thank you very much!



DVDFAB Platinum is a good burning software that will do it for you, try it free for 30 days to see if you like it, or there are lots of others out there


ImgBurn is free, and under the ‘Tools’ -> ‘Drive’ -> ‘Booktype’ menu settings there is a tabbed window which caters for Samsung drives. You can set the default for +R to DVD-ROM from there.

This is an example of the window (I have a Benq so don’t be put off by that name appearing).


I’ve tried doing that, but it’s saying the current setting is “[I]Unknown (Drive doesn’t report it!)[/I]”. The following image is what I see…

Does this mean my DVD drive doesn’t support bitsetting/booktyping? What should I do? Thank you very much!



CD/DVDSpeed will bitset. Click “Extra” then Bitset. Click “Set” on the booktype. You can set as default on most except LG drives, which you have to do each time.


Where can I get that program? Thank you very much!



If you burn dvds, this is the one utility that you [B]must[/B] have. You can scan your burned discs several different ways. If you look at this and other similiar sites you will see pictures of CD/DVDSpeed scans on all the forums. Found here:
Oh, and by the way, it is free.


Thank you very much!



Any time, Jason. And welcome to CDFreaks. :cool:



This did not work with my Samsung SH-W163A (haven’t tried my new 182D yet). I suspect, it won’t work there, either.



Hi Jason,

Your drive seems to be an OEM version of Samsung SH-S182M. That should do the bitsetting thing automagically. Have you already tried burning a DVD+R and checked the booktype with Nero CD/DVD Speed (use the Disc Info tab for haveing a look at)?

Also, ImgBurn and Nero support bitsetting with Samsung drives, but there might be some difference between OEM drives and retail versions. Make sure, you have a disc inserted before you try the bitsetting tools.