Bits/Book, Region, FW - need basic advice



Decided to try my luck with the HP300i.Very new to the DVD writing world.

My OS is XP pro.

I know that the HP300i defaults to book type of DVD-ROM, when writing to DVD+R. Does it do that when it writes to DVD+RW? If not, are there any easier or better choices that Bitsetter to use? Will Nero let you choose the Book Type for DVD+RW media using this writer?

Just installed the drive last night. I saw that no region has been selected yet and that I’m allowed 5 changes. I see plenty of work around’s for this out there. I don’t ever expect to play a disc from another region, but do I have to choose a region before the burner will write to media? I thinking yes, but then again, if I didn’t have to choose…

About firmware… If everything works well with my system, is there ever a need to upgrade the firmware? I noticed that I have 1.25, and a newer FW is out: 1.29. I thought all HP writers search for new FW and load it to the writer automatically? Why do you think mine did not do this when I installed it?


I’m not sure about your booktype questions since I have no experience with this.

You shouldn’t need to specify a region before burning a disc unless the disc that you’re burning has a region code. If you’re backing up a DVD movie, then most ripping software gets rid of this region setting. If you’re making a Data DVD then there is no region setting.

There’s no such thing as a firmware “Autoupdater” and you don’t need to update unless you have a problem.


OK. So what your saying is that since my kids like to use my DVD collection as frisbees, I will need to select the region for the US, before I burn a backup copy.

Thanks for clearing up some stuff


You might, but you shouldn’t have to if you use the normal methods which remove the region setting when ripping.


I think your HP writes DVD+RW as DVD+RW by default. You can change the “bitsetting” to DVD-ROM for DVD+RW media with your HP in Nero (I think you can do that if you choose “disc info”).

You can also try DVDInfo but it might only work with Ricoh based writers and your HP is NEC based.


I think you’re right. Found this out last night. In order to use the HP book type program on a CD-RW, I will need to install the Veritas RecordNow - that was bundled with the writer. Otherwise it will not function.

But… I’ve read that Record Now will conflict (may conflict?) with Nero. So in typical HP fashion, they have made the program very proprietary. Just a bunch of #@$@!!!

Even worse… I read about a system file that HP installs, that can cause XP or 2000 conflicts. AFS2K.SYS

You know I told myself to never buy HP again, after the last mess of problems I had with them.

This writer is going back.