I have a Dell inspirion laptop, with cd/dvd burner
I have tried to down load movies from another site then download to dvd. The computer reads the disc and tells me there is not enough space
After reading one of the privious questions
is there any way to change the bitrate of a disc of 4.7GB/120 min to allow a movie of 160 mins:bow:

Welcome to the forum. If the movie is already in DVD format, use DVD Shrinkor if it’s an AVI use AVS to DVD. There are other tools but these are what I use.

I am dowloading movies off the site (ie 2012, avatar, etc.) and then upload to a dvd, but, my laptop “says” there is not enough space on my blank dvds, to burn. I’m using Sony 4.7GB 120 minutes. the movies are 2hrs 33min 45 sec in other words 153mins 45secs. How can I compress this time to fit the dvd?

There is no need to create a new thread about the same argument :wink:

btw, what you are asking for is illegal (and also against forum rules), so this thread is closed :cop: