Bitrate settings for lame (3.90 and up) and choose forum

then goto forum faqs

and “List of recommended LAME settings”

CBR 320 (highest possible LAME quality):

–alt-preset insane
(bitrate: 320 kbit)

VBR (variable bitrate) settings:

Very High Quality +

–alt-preset extreme
(bitrates 220-270 kbit/s – usually averages around 256kbps)

Faster (Very Slightly Lower Quality):
–alt-preset fast extreme
(bitrates roughly the same as above)

Very High Quality

–alt-preset standard
(bitrates 180-220 kbit/s – usually averages around 192 kbps)

Faster, slightly lower quality possible:
–alt-preset fast standard
(bitrates roughly the same as above)

High Quality

(Due to the new “–alt-preset standard”, the “–r3mix” setting is obsolete.)

(average bitrate ~190kbit/s (150-230kbit/s)

ABR (average bitrate) settings: (128 kbit ABR: roughly the same filesize as 128 kbit CBR)

ABR Setting tuned from 320 kbps down to 80 kbps

–alt-preset <bitrate>

–alt-preset 200

ABR averaging at 128 kbit/s

–alt-preset 128

or (see ):

–abr 128 -h --nspsytune --athtype 2 --lowpass 16 --ns-bass -8 --scale 0.93

CBR (constant bitrate) settings:

320 kbit/s CBR

Highest Lame Quality:
–alt-preset insane
–alt-preset cbr 320

256 kbit/s CBR

–alt-preset cbr 256

192 kbit/s CBR

–alt-preset cbr 192

160 kbit/s CBR

–alt-preset cbr 160

128 kbit/s CBR

–alt-preset cbr 128

or (see ):

-h --nspsytune --athtype 2 --lowpass 16 --ns-bass -8 --scale 0.93

96 kbit/s CBR

–alt-preset cbr 96

80 kbit/s CBR

–alt-preset cbr 80