Bitrate from VHSC to DVD to Mpeg - Help a newbie out. Thanks,

First let me say I did do my research on here for the last hour before giving in and asking. :doh:

My goal is VHSC home movies to Flash playable MP4 on our family website with the best qaulity that anyone on our site can click and view without having lag or wait. I have had some success from the tips on here (THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH since I started with no knowledge what so ever). But the video quality is so so at best and the colors are horrible.

Sample of what I achieved so far:

I am taking old home videos on VHSC and through a VHS to DVD burner am converting them to DVD as one 30 min VOB.

Next I am taking the DVD on my PC and using DVD shrink separating into smaller segments. 100meg to 500meg.

Then I am taking XviD4PSP and encoding them.

Original size: 720x480
XviD4PSP encode size: 720x480
Average Bitrate: 500 to keep mp4 file size down for web.

It all works great but the vid quality is poor. The image is so so (good enough for famly home video) but the colors are majorly faded.


  1. What bitrate should I use?
  2. Shoud I have a smaller output size for what I am trying to do?
  3. Do I need to worry about the output file size for viewing on our webpage?

Any other hints will be greatly appreciated!!! :bow::bow::bow:

Thank you,

Try lower resolutions…Looks like you’re using too many steps…Not sure how you’re taking a single VOB and importing in Shrink(it won’t work)…[I]If[/I] you need editing on the single VOB use an editing app that will [I]not[/I] re-encode, like avidemux, there [I]are[/I] others…Know that whatever [I]c[B]onversion[/B][/I] method(s) you use, it is [I]not[/I] going to get you [I][B]better[/B][/I] quality results than the original source…Trash in, trash out…
Try this method…

Just take your vhs and encode it directly to divx/xvid/mpeg4 and save yourself a few steps…