Bitrate for DVDR's



Sorry if this has been covered before but I am new to creating DVDs from DIVx and I couldn’t find anything that helps. I have been following chickenman’s guide for DIVx to DVD , but every time I try to author the DVD in TMPGEnc DVD Author. It tells me that the bitrate is too high. The bitrate for the video is 9800 and the audio is 192 which gives me a combined bitrate of 9992 and TMPGEnc DVD Author says the max for a compliant DVD is 9848. I have tried adjusting the settings in dvd2svd but I cannot get the bitrate down. Am I setting one of the parameters wrong, or am I just missing something out.




as long as you followed chickenmans guide, and made sure you adjusted ALL the settings as stated in it, just ignore the error message TMPGEnc DVD Author gives you. it is a bug, the dvd will turn out fine.

if you actually author in another program (maestro for example) you don’t get that message so there must be a conflict somewhere with TMPGEnc. i always uses TMPGEnc though and just ignore the error message and i have never had any problems.



I have had the same problem, and did ignore that bit rate was too high, however, when trying to play the vts files established I have no sound; although video image is perfect.

Is there any solution to this.

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dvdr can be made in many different bitrates. Also can the bitrates be variable or constant. Depending how long the movie is, you can change the bitrate of it…till it fits on dvdr. But ofcourse lowering the bitrate means lower quality.

what was the total size of the result that came out? if the bitrate was too high it propably won’t fit on dvdr


Hi there, I notice that you guys have been doing a bit of divx to dvd, and I finally managed to get audio on my outcome with this tmgenc but only adding the mpeg1 or mp2 file. I seem to have great difficulties converting the mp2.wav file into ac3, and I think it is because of the way I use the besweet Gui and ac3machine.

could you tell me the exact steps to do to get ac3 file that actually works with sound and all after authoring with tmpenc author. Right now I take mp2.wav file, add it to besweet gui and do wav to ac3, and then I take the ac3 file made and enter once again in besweet as input and make up a new file as output ac3 new and push convert ac3 to ac3 which I then use in ac3 machine. Are you somehow able to test the sound there also as whenever I try to push play ac3 nothing happens.

I have tried very hard to follow the tutoring guide from chickenman and all is very good here, except for the way to opreate the ac3machine and besweet GUI if in fact they both have to be used. I am starting to wonder.

sorry for this, but I am almost going crazy trying to think of various ways to make it work.

Also what do you do in case of a divx file audio being in mono with 61 kb/s at 44100 hz. bit. Can you actually make some good sound of an audio file like this in stereo and at what bit rate should one enter as new bitrate when trying to convert this divx to dvd in dvd2svcd programme, is it 192 or 224 bits?

Bets regards and thanks a lot for whatever help I could get.