Bitrate conversion/id3 tag issue

This is my first post so…Hi!

My issue is this: When I convert the bit rate of my mp3s I lose all the ID3 tags that I’ve meticulously added. So, does anyone know of a way to convert the bit rate without losing the tags? I’ve tried this in Super and in Wavepad and both cause this issue.

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P.S I have 10,000+ files I will eventually be trying to do this to, so batch formatting is a necessity.

Firstly, foobar2000 will allow you to convert MP3 to MP3 while preserving tags.

Secondly, converting MP3 bitrate is not a good idea as it will reduce even further the similarity to the original, possibly introducing artefacts.

If you are in a position to re-rip CDs then ExactAudioCopy will search freedb for metadata. So will dbPowerAmp (with probably even better metadata search), but you have to pay after the trial is over.

Thank you for such a quick reply and the great suggestions. As for the thing about conversion, I’m not too worried about it I just don’t like wasting disk space when I can’t personally tell the difference between 320kb/s and 128kb/s.


I think what Nick.C meant, was that it’s never a good idea/practice to convert from a Lossy to Lossy format…
As stated, " if you are in a position to re-rip CDs" then use ExactAudioCopy and convert original to mp3 at the desired bitrate…

However if you don’t care about quality, then by all means keep converting from lossy mp3 to even more Lossy mp3…

And I’m like you, “I can’t personally tell the difference between 320kb/s and 128kb/s.”

So I just use ~192kb/s … However I keep all/most my archives in flac (Lossless) format, for the very reasons we’re pointing out, regarding converting from original source as opposed to, converting from a “Lossy” 320kb/s mp3 to a 128kb/s.mp3…

Unfortunately, I don’t have the cds available. I guess I’ll just have to save up and get a bigger hard drive. I just seems silly to have them at 320 waisting space right now, so…Thanks for the help.


Bigger hard drives are cheap.

CD-R’s are “wasteful” for archiving mp3’s…
compared to what I use… DVD-R’s which for single layer discs
have more than seven times the storage space
and DL DVD’s even more.

I actually have three sets of RW discs that I use in rotation
(weekly) to accomodate the influx of new music to my
personal library.

I paid a whopping $20 for my DVD-R/DL burner

“wasting” HDD space to me implies you simply need
more/bigger hard drives.

Since September I’ve been systematically getting rid of my "smaller"
MP3’s in favor of 320k.

No, I can’t tell the difference either, but I am acknowledging the basic reality that for $200 I can actually buy HDD space sufficient
that even bothering with FLAC is a waste of my time.

I have a dedicated 60gig HDD for mp3 storage and I make
it a point to have it all backed up to DVD’s

the whole “conservation of space” in HDD storage of mp3 files is an outdated concept mainly supported by mental inertia.
(thinking in the same old path and not “recalculating” for new technology or opportunities) what with the current price of a
300Gb drives…


Hey AD, sorry but, WTF is your point?..The OP asked about “Bitrate conversion/id3 tag issue”…

his original question is about losing his ID3 tags when compressing mp3 files even further.

My reply is about a simpler/easier/faster way of dealing with the REAL issue.

The point you seem to have missed is his motivation for recompressing his mp3’s in the first place.
the perception that his mp3’s take up too much of his available space…

increasing his available space is just as valid a solution as making the files themselves smaller.

It’s a question of making the fish smaller, I’m just suggesting that a bigger aquarium is just as valid a solution to his “problem”

Now, if he has more storage space would he need to worry about how much space his mp3’s take up?

And if he spends ~$80 on a 300gb hard drive it would save him ALL the work of recompressing those files.

Try thinking “outside the box” a little.

It isn’t only about the goal, but the reason for the goal.

Like I said, smaller fish or bigger aquarium?
Smaller mp3 files or larger hardrive.

Frankly I think with the current price of 160-500gb drives the drive would be far cheaper than the time that will be spent “shrinking” the files to be stored on smaller drives.

Of course he could like wasting time in frivolous exercises
in bit shuffling…

Frankly I couldn’t imagine what I’d fill a 60Gb HDD with… until I’d done it… my reponse was NOT to make smaller mp3s
it was to trot my flabby ass out to a local computer show
to buy a 160gb drive…

And to be honest I regret the $50 I spent on it, because I could have gotten a 300gb drive for $85

HDD space is cheap and has likely gotten cheaper in the time
I spent typing this reply.

Ahhh… I remember well my first 40mb HDD…


Ahhh… I remember well my first 40mb HDD…

I had a 5MB hard drive…But back to the OP. WinAmp can do it too. Might need to pay the $15 to get the full MP3 encoder. But as others have said, once you mince those bits they are gone forever. Get a bigger drive.

Yea, I think I’m just gonna hold off until after xmas and then buy a bigger drive, I think 1TB should stave my thirst for space. I have to agree with ADG, in that more space is probably the better answer, and if I could just keep myself from acquiring more music then and delete some of the saved TV shows from my teensy weensy 60GB external that I never watch I might be fine.

You guys are probably right about the fact of not compressing them any further, because, even though I can’t hear the difference now I might if I get a better audio system (which won’t before a long time). I mostly listen to my music on my computer through my surround sound, which is a basic sony, or on my cheap 2GB SD Sansa POS since my 30GB ipod got stolen.

On another note (I posted this in another thread as well but as of yet have no answer), which is a better and more reliable option for album art: attaching the art in the id3 tags or putting a folder.jpg in each album folder?
And, since I will be getting more space relatively soon, I guess I’m more worried about which will be more reliable in more programs (I pretty much only use WMP and iTunes). But saving space would still be nice too.

Thank you much for all your advice,