Bitorrent downloading information for newbies

Whilst being relatively technology savy, I have not delved into the world of downloading and bittorrents yet. Can someone recommend any good sites/threads/forums for learning a little more about this? I have downloaded Utorrent, but where to find reliable comprehensive content to download?? Do I need to pay to join a seach site, do I need to be vetted to access a search site?? What sort of formats are commonly used for video and music?

Thanks in advance amongst others; alternatively just google what you’re looking for and add “torrent”.



When I try to google something, I always seem to get directed via several different sites and there never seems to be a file to download at the end of it! I’ve read some of the better sites you need to be invited to join or something like that, which all sounds a bit like the Masons!!

Read some guides.

Not sure how much detail I can go into here, but generally speaking this is the problem with googleing torrents. Try instead.