I am not sure if many are aware of this private torrent site, but it is very hard to get into. They have open registration once a month. Right now at 1:06 AM Central time you can register. I suggest those interested hop on this if you want a good private torrent website to use! :bigsmile:

hey i really wanna get in bitHQ i been trying to get in for a long time would you be able to invite me please if you could i would be greatful thanx;)

:rolleyes: Did you read the date on the post? Now just jump in your time machine, set it for a coupla months ago and…

:aits not working i changed my date and time to march 2007 and i still can’t reg in
could someone please help me out

i don’t get it i change my date and time and it still says 2008 ahhhhhhh someone help

If anyone really wants in to I will be happy to give you a spare account, just post here and I will pick someone for it in a couple of days, I promise. I want to give it a couple of days that way as many people as possible will have the opportunity to raise their hand.

i really want in, hope you pick me i been trying to get in for such a long time

Well, since you responded you are certainly up for consideration. I will choose someone on Sunday, just to give some others a chance, if no one else asked you are guaranteed an account @

Damn, am I too late!? I’d really love an invite… just heard about this site from someone at SmokingInTheRain (decent tracker, check it out). If I have to, I’ll fight the other guy for it.

Sorry, but as I mentioned in a few previous threads (see this example), we are no longer allow invitation requests to private trackers or forums due to the amount of people who were creating accounts here just to request an invitation with no interest of returning to this forum afterwards.

This thread is now closed.