Bit torrents taking 99 days, why



I have just started using bit torrents and finally figured iut how to use them, the trouble is thaty tey say they are going to take 99 days to download. Am I doing something wrong or are people who use bit torrents incredibly patient


This probably belongs in the Music Downloads, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Legal Issues Forum but it depends on the torrent. Just like other p2p sources, you cannot get a file faster than someone else is uploading it. If their is only one person uploading and they are on dial up you could be waiting forever. If thier are 100 on it and half are broadband it can go very fast. If it says that it is going to take that long it may be a dead torrent (unless the file is very huge). I would search for an alternative torent for the same file. Also, just like other p2p sources, the speed can change. It may be slow at one time and much faster an hour later (depending on who is sharing). See how fast the file is downloading, not just the completion time.
I would also try reading through some of the threads in the Music Downloads, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Legal Issues Forum concerning bit torrent. Their are some ways to optimise your downloads like say forinstance if you are using a firewall. Just do forum search for “torrent” and you should find lots of threads discussing it.


Chers will take the advice