Bit Torrent Site

Now that :bow: :bow: is gone I don’t know what to do :frowning:
I can’t find any other good and free sites. Anyone know of any other sites.


Torrentreactor is something like suprnova (same kind of layout)
Not 100% sure but i would expect that links are not allowed to torrent sites…

Uh, I think we’re not allowed to post links to illegal stuff.

i dunno how the admins view it… but i think it’s more of providing links to sites that host torrent files which itself isn’t illegal… maybe this is spamville to the admins i dunno…

http://www.*****.tk modified by Crabbyappleton

this site has links to the popular ones…

Everyone: Our position is this on BitTorrent links- we allow BitTorrent links to legal downloads (direct/deep links), but not to BitTorrent boards/sites in general.

Please honor this policy.





Torrent sites aren’t illegal.

Well here are 3 torrent sites where you can nearly get anything related to anime


umm … whats bittorrent?

It is a program like peer to peer it use’s a tracker to track the program that u are downloading if u are on dail/up i say use it but if you are on cable i say use revconnect same thing like bit but faster and u dont upload the file till it is done.
unlike bit’s u upload as u download that is how they make u share the program. :rolleyes: .But if you are like me you hate to upload the same file that you are downloading so then try revconnect just look in the older forms about revconnect and you will get everthing u need. :bigsmile:

BitTorrent is definately a peer to peer program. But what makes it special is it’s ability to take advantage of everyones upload bandwidth. A very large file is broken up into small chunks. As you download a section and it completes, then you then can upload this segment to another one that is requesting the same large file and also needs that piece. Then that person will share his copy. Meanwhile everyone is downloading other bits. Therefore demand creates the scale of the network and it frankly is limitless. In addition, the more you upload, the faster you can download. Once the files are complete the temporay and spontaneous network ceases to exist. This is what scares the crap out of movie moguls. This is also why the Tracking sites are under attack as they are a static target for the authorities.

In my humble opinion though, they are not doing anything illegal by providing links to copyrighted material. Due to the failure (so far) in the United States to pass the so called INDUCE Act. This is where you are guilty if you just help someone to commit an illegal act. (basically) But we are all anxious to see what happens to these sites if they come under legal scrutiny in the meantime.

However, having said that. You can imagine what a savings in bandwidth this can be for say Linux developers to distribute a new version. No central server under the strain of thousands of downloaders. Here is a nice explanation of how BitTorrent works. It must not be taken away from us for it may well be needed in the future for legal file sharing of copyrighted materials. Sort of a iTunes for movies let’s say. It is an extremely effective program for file distribution that is difficult to monitor or control.

If people haven’t found out yet and you’re a big BitTorrent user then try out eXeem. It was made by the people at Suprnova. The more people that use it the better. :slight_smile:

Oh and TorrentSpy is also a good website to get torrents from.

eXeem is not made by the same people from Suprnova.

and use exeem lite instead if you do use the system