Bit torrent- Is this slow?



Using Azureus to d/load my legal files :wink:
I have a 1 meg b/band connection.
It takes on average 4 days to d/load a 1.40 gb file, is this normal or is it slow.
I have it set up so I get the maximum speed which is usually below 10k/b’s but now and again it will rise to between 20-30 kb’s , but not for long or very often, any suggestions or different bt clients, which will run quicker, or have I got the best and am expecting too much???
Cheers steve


Do you have anysort of firewall hardware/software? If you do you need port forwarding on. Have a look @ the FAQ


I have mcaffee firewall and I presume windows xp firewall, if I turn mcafee firewall off it makes no difference to the speed and i don’t know where win xp firewall is to turn it off.
Any suggestions?, i’ve tried messing around with the settings, but doesn’t make much difference.


Dumb question, but have you tried azureus’s own forum over at sourceforge? Anyway, I have a 3mb connection and have pulled as much as 280kbs before, so a better d/l speed should definitly be possible (do the math). Seed to leech ratio is always important as well the “condition” of your connection (i.e., does your torrent have a green face!!!). If you are getting the green light, then you are getting the most out of Azureus. If not, then you firewall issue or NAT issue. As for alternatives, I believe bittornado to be quite popular.


JUst a thought. How your firewall etc is configed is important, and you may or may not improve speed, but you have to realise something, there are no magic downloads. There is no phantom master server that proviedes unlimited bandwith uploading. You will have the same speed problems that you had with other p2p networks.


Posting problems on my side so I had to mulit post. p2p or via torrent, you are recieving the file from someone else sharing. You are limited by thier upload speed. THere are lots of things you can do to optimize your conection, but the simple matter is, even if you have a dozen conections, if they are dial up conections, it’s dial speed.;


Rereading my first post, bittorrent is more optimized for large files. It is a more eficient way to share larger files and more guarenteed to get the whole file (and faster), But it is still limited by the badwidth of those uploading. 300mbs downloads are rare.


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Edit 300kbs (like yo could get 300 mbs, even on a hard wired conection).


Hi, I have Demon Broadband 512 kbps. When you are downloading BitTorrents, it always is very slow becuase your downloading off someone else. So if the person you were downloading off had 14.4kbps dial-up it would upload to you at about 0.6kbps. With 512 kbps it downloads at about 60 kbps, so at 1 megabyte it should download at about 120 kbps and should take about 5 hours to download a 1.4gb file not 4 days, if this does not help, try getting a DSL Connection booster like OnSpeed.


I have just upgraded to 1Mb broadband and since I have done that I cannot download faster than 5-7kbs when using bit torrent or any other p2p program. I have tested hundreds of torrents and they will not go any faster and the upload limit is the same, so clearly there is a problem. I also get a green light many times on Bit Tornado but still the speed doesn’t increase. I have disabled my firewall which hasn’t helped and even reinstalled windows and still had no luck. I have phoned my ISP to ask if there are blocking filesharing ports and they tell me they’re not and that they are placing no restrictions on my account. So can anyone help?


Your download speeds are sometimes directly affected by the seeds that you connect to. If you are running any kind of firewall then you are somewhat limited as far as who you can connect to. You can only connect to locals who are generally slower in terms of their uploading bandwidth, thus your limited downloading bandwidth.
By forwarding the port used by Azureus in your firewall you will then be able to connect to remotes which usually have higher uploading bandwidth so it becomes possible to achieve higher downloading speeds.

300Kb is not that rare, it fact for me it’s quite common. I usually consider 60-100kb a slow download and I’m usually tempted to terminate it. I also find that limiting my upload bandwith leaves more bandwidth for downloading.

The image below is an idea of what my then 3MB Comcast connection delivers on a regular basis. Comcast has now upgraded to 4MB, no charge.


you are depended on sbys speed not yours :wink: