Bit torrent how to import incomplete files

im fairly new to bit torrent been using emule since early 200s, anyways i had do a clean install of windows and im still reinstalling all the programs and Appz i had.

here is my problem i have 1/2 dozen files queued up in my bit torrent client and when i reinstalled it i noticed its not like emule (just point client to the incomplete files and it will rehash them).

if it makes any difference i was using azerus, and now have decided to go with utorrent.

my question is are my incomplete downloads lost or is there a way to resume them.

i thought i saw a bit torrent help section that’s why i chose cdfreaks but after i registered i couldn’t find it any more.


utorrent allow to import incomplete downloaded files. You only need to load the torrent and point it to the incomplete file. Then right click on the file in the main window and select “Force re-check”. The file will be checked and the the download can be resumed :slight_smile:

with out that small file i cant do anything right?

ty for ur help

yep, the .torrent file is indispensable to restart the download :iagree:

Utorrent stores a copy of the loaded torrent … I believe it’s under your Documents & Settings-> application data folder somewhere.

If you didn’t wipe your user documents, you should be ok to continue from where you left off :wink: