Bit torrent HELP PLEASE

Okay her is the run down I have NEAR 0 download rate. say 1 kb/s MAX on bit torrent. I have gone to windows firewall and tried to open up ports 6881 to 6889 and still no more download. I have opened up both of my upload and dowload rates in settings in bit torrent. I have waited for bandwidth to rise and it hasn’t. I have even gone so far as to turn off BOTH of my firewalls and still NO BANDWIDTH. I just downloaded bit torrent and I have no clue what I need to do … can some one help me. E-mail gendo*****@<no spam please> help me please!

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you said you tried to open up ports in windows firewall? i didn’t realize that windows allows you to open port numbers.

  1. make sure windows firewall allows connections to and from your bittorrent PROGRAM

  2. make sure the correct ports are opened up through your ROUTER.

  3. make sure your ISP doesn’t throttle P2P traffic. One way around this is selecting a random port in your bittorrent client (one that is NOT your usuall 6881-6889) and adjusting your port forwarding settings accordingly.

  4. make sure there are plenty of seeders on the torrent you’re trying to download. not a lot of seeders = very slow DL times…even moreso if there are few seeders and many leechers (or peers)

those are just the basics to double check until someone can come by with more advanced info.

If you used Azureus, there was some kind of help file to tell you which ports incoming and out you needed to open, and I think some site called “Ports Forward” also contained that information, but I can’t be 100% sure…

Um how do I check if my ISP throttles p2p traffic and how do I set ports (i run macaffre) and remember I shut down ALL my firewalls and still i only get 9kb/s now

It’s best never to use the default ports as the ISPs frequently throttle these back anyway as has been suggested.

Some BT clients support encryption , certainly Azureus & utorrent do, & it’s best to enable this as it’s a way of bypassing the throttling back that ISPs do if they detect/suspect that P2P is being used.

I was concerned about the use of more than 1 firewall. I can’t think that this is a good idea, unless one is in a router.

Okay I am looking at bit torrent right now and in the bottom of the thing it says statistics total connections 20 and I have two torrrents that just jumped up to about fifteen Kb/s is this normal for bit torrent?

One more thing how many seeders should you have to expect “fast” download rates?

See thats the problem I have NO CLUE what throttleing is in the first place please help me. …

Ussaly your firewall will tell you what ports you have. Find out what they are and put them in your torrent client options. Remember seeders are nessacry to complete the download. Throttleing is like forcing your download.

Okay I have tried to do that but I don’t know how but it seems to be fine since i just looked and saw one of my Downloads at 70kb/s. One more thing what do the different colors like gray red and green mean in the bar?

How about RTFM? (Yes, it’s pretty much applies to all clients)

Why bother with Azureus or other such bittorrent clients? Try Micro torrent, it’s small (170kb), standalone, no-install, and very fast. Except for enabling firewall access the first time you start it, you should have no more hassles.

How about reading up instead of saying something clueless?