Bit Tornado light stays yellow

I have recently bought a new router, and since then I can still download using Bit Tornado, but the status light never goes green and the download doesn’t reach above 30kb/s. How can I configure it?

Well first off Bit Tornado. BAD. uTorrent Good! Bit Comet Good! Bit Comet Turbo good! I perfer to stay away from Bit Tornado and Bit Torrent cause of the GUI and they dont download worth a flip. Also make sure there are a good amount of Seeders before you download what ever you’re trying to download.

I have used Bit Tornado ever since I have been downloading Torrents and I have never had a problem until I switched to a router.

Hum sounds like a problem with your router. My Friend switched routers and now he has a high ping on every online game he plays, so I whould say switch back!! Oh ya I use to use Bit Tornado. It was ok, pretty good. I liked how it didn’t take up your ram but neither does uTorrent.

You need to forward the ports your client is using to the router, read the manual on how to do it.