Bit setting?

Does anyone know if there is any bit setting software released for the NEC ND-2510A? And if so where can I get it? Any help will be appreciated.

Yes :

Note : you must use 2.F8 or 2.F9 firmware to enable SL (Single Layer) bitsetting.

My firmware is 2.17. Does this mean I have to install a different firmware?

Aswell I wanted to ask it works with RW disc’s?

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Yes you do to get bitsetting. See here for a complete listing with options.

NEC doesn’t provide firmware for their drives officially.
But they provide them for their OEM partners (companies, who sell Nec drives under their own name). MadDog is one of them.
So, you can use the MadDog firmware for your drive too, because they are identical. I’m using the MadDog 2.F9 for my Nec 2510 with great results. It has the latest writing strategies, supports Bitsetting, is region free and has no riplock.
(If you don’t know what theses words mean - use the search function :stuck_out_tongue: )

DVD-ROM bitsetting for DVD+RW works only for new unformated disks with MadDog 2510 firmwares (2.F8/2.F9)… It’s a little bug, I hope it will be corrected in next version.

I also run the MD8X 2.F9 (RPC1 + no rip lock) firmware on my NEC 2510 with great results.