Bit Setting Gone in



I’m using an NEC 3500A and prior to upgrading from to, I had an option under recorders to pick the bit setting option. After upgrading to the latest version, it’s now gone. Anyone else have the same problem?


I’ve installed version and the option is already there, but please note that there must be a empty +r disk inserted to see the option


Bane, I can see the option with no disc in the drive, but it disappears if there is a +RW disc in the drive.



It appears it’s gone completely for me. Nothing shows up when I have a blank DVD+R disc in the drive or when there is no disc in the drive.

I had the option in the old version of Nero originally. My NEC had the stock firmware of 2.16.

I then used a modified firmware on my NEC, then upgraded Nero to After both upgrades, the option for the bit setting was there. I had set the bit setting option to be ‘hardware’ based since my firmware automatically set the DVD+R (SL), DVD+RW, and DVD+R (DL) to DVD-Rom.

Now that I’ve upgraded to and now to, the option to bit set is gone in Nero.

I’ve made some test burns on DVD+R, and it seems like it had no impact on my hardware bit setting as I’m able to play the DVD+R on a 1st generation Apex DVD player that I have that only plays DVD-Roms.