Bit setting And WinDVD creator 2

Hi, My I’m new at this, so please be excuse me if I seem to be confused (I am)I
I’ve tried to follow the directions on bitstting, but, when I go through the steps, instead of saying “success” it says failure. I have a lite-on DVDRW sohw1633s. I also have WinDVD in here,and when I put a DVD in the drive, WinDVD pops up. Actually, maybe I should start from the beginning.

I purchased a program called 'MemoriesOnTv" to create slide shows.I am fairly new at this, so I have been stumbling around trying to overcome one obstacle after another.After reading some topics on which DVD disc to use I came across the bitsetting idea,which seemed like a great idea for me, as it seemed to solve my problem assuring me if I made a slide show for someone, it would play on almost any home player. When I go to burn from MOTV the WinDVD program comes up. I really don’t think that should happen, but it does. At any rate I do think it is somehow interfering with bit setting. I hope someone can help me… Why am I getting the “failure” pop up?..Thank you
I think I’ve asked 2 questions here, One on the bit setting idea and the 2ND on why WinDVD Creator 2 pops up when I try to burn from Memories on TV.Again Thank You…

WinDVD Creator is associated with the filetype that MOTV is outputting. This can be fixed by changing the file associations within Windows; or maybe you can dig around WinDVD Creator when it pops up and figure out where the source file from MOTV is being stored. Determine the file name and path, and then you can close out WinDVD Creator and open up the file in the burning program of your choice.

There’s a bunch of ways to enable bitsetting- either in the firmware or in various software packages. The solution to your problem will be dependent upon how you are trying to enable it. For a baseline though, I would recommend downloading the Lite-On bitsetting utility and trying that first.