Bit rates, music distribution and flac files

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A3P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi folks, I am getting ready to do a few marketing jobs for some musicians. My question is… what is the cleanest way to convert music(.cda) to flac… and what should I watch out for.

The premise is of course, lossless, drm free music offered via different download vehicles (direct, p2p, etc).


  1. Best app to use
  2. Bit rate considerations
  3. Should I use flac? I think I should use flac but I am guessing I will need to provide plugins for various media players. Does the peanut gallery know what a flac file is?
  4. Another consideration is portability to mobile devices like an ipod. How should I approach this.

thanks for help,

Edit: hope this is in the right forum… hardware is academic really, I just clicked one.

If I were you I’d just use a high bitrate MP3. A lot more people and devices can handle MP3 than FLAC, and frankly if I were buying music I wouldn’t want to hassle with transcoding to put it in my iThing. But if you want to use FLAC a lot of computer media players already handle it.

If the initial quality is really good, it may be worth providing in both formats: FLAC for those who have high-end audio playback capability and MP3 for those who don’t. MP3 will be considerably smaller in size, and most hardware computer users have they wouldn’t even tell the differance between a properly encoded 128kbps MP3 vs a FLAC. (though high-end audio cards with the output having a good frequency responce will make the differances noticeable)