Bit perfect USB 52x

I have been looking for a USB 52x for some time that writes bit perfect. CloneCD seems to list all of the Iomega USB’s as bit perfect but the drive numbers there don’t jive with the models at the Iomega website and I can’t find a picture of the box to see if has the Liteon buffer run technology and there is no mention of whose buffer underrun technology it uses on the website.

Here is the 52x USB one that I have been considering and investigating anhd for whom I need help:<>prd_id=4696297&FOLDER<>folder_id=1581&ASSORTMENT<>ast_id=67&bmUID=1052658246753

Does anyone know if it really is bit perfect? From what is on the website I can not tell. Also, who could posssibly make it? Could it be a Liteon which seems to be the king of bit perfect writing according to CloneCD website?

  1. Again could this be one with the two sheep bit perfect writing on the CloneCD website?

  2. Who could it be that makes the drive, Liteon or someone else?

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According to this page it does have buffer under run protection
Iomega Product Page

No idea if it is a Lite-On, last I heard Iomega used Sanyo drives, dont know if they still do though. Probably isnt a Sanyo as the fastest drives I’ve seen from them are 48x.

Iomega has been known to use Lite-Ons and Plextors. Check out the review at:

Thanks for that site. This one clearly looks like a Liteon with a 2 mg buffer and smart burn technology. It’s a bit pricey but is it a Liteon?

Yout input is appreciated as I beleive I have finally found a 52x USB with Liteon core and thus bit perfect per CloneCD.

Do you think so?:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If it has Smart-BURN, it is a Lite-On.

Also, it may not have the original Lite-On firmware on it, but the only real difference should be the name which the drive shows to the computer.

Edit: Here’s a review of the Iomega 52x USB drive. It looks like a Lite-On to me! Sorry I didn’t remember this earlier! :o

Great, I am going to buy it. I hope my wife doesn’t have a fit though. Thanks:bigsmile:

You’re welcome! Enjoy your new drive. :smiley:

Why not just get an empty USB 2.0 case, and then wack a LiteOn 52X burner in it?

I have a Sony 12X8X32X Firewire burner, or should I say had, now it contains a LiteOn 52246 and works perfectly.

Very cheap to upgrade this way, this is the 3rd LiteOn I have had running it it.

I have done that but it didn’t agree with my system. I don’t know why and I am on a project that does not give me that much time to work it out. So this became a better option, but thanks for that advice.:smiley:

do you have a link to that list of bit perfect burners? i keep looking but cannot find it.

Here ya go (under “Correct EFM encoding” 2 sheep means bit perfect):

Also (“120%” is bit perfect):

Drives A to H

Drives I to P

Drives Q to Z

cool, the LG combo drive i want to buy is bit perfect. good to know! thanks.

No problem.