Bit-Perfect Ripping (EAC)



I want to get the best rip results, bit-perfect. I am already using accurate rip with EAC, saving all my files in APE, using Steve Monk’s Kernel Streaming with Winamp for perfect playback. Soon I will be building my first PC and will be getting E-MU 0404 soundcard with Alesis M1 M2K biamp monitors. I listen to classical music only and am pretty obsessed with perfect sound quality. I want to know what is the best optical drive that I can get that will give me perfect lossless ripping with EAC. Oh yeah, it must be able to rip DVD±RW and dual layers and be good at it too. Any recommendations?
At EAC forums I was recommended the Plextor PlexWriter Premium or PX-230A. Do you agree?

Premium is too expensive. I did my own research and found out about LiteOn SHM-165H6S:

The best part is that it supports LightScribe! What do you think about its quality CD and DVD burning? I mean as long as it supports C2 error correction I should be fine with EAC right? How can I find out if it supports C2?