[Bit OT] DVD Blanks for Dummies?

I have to do a presentation for about 10-20 minutes, in which I am to try to explain DVD (& CD) writing and its complex details (what makes a good burn, compatibility, MID and brands, longivity…).

The problem is the audience. We’re talking almost complete computer illiterates here. The idea is to make these people aware of what’s going on so they don’t buy just anything that’s on sale and in a year have lost their precious kid’s first steps pictures.

Has anyone experience in trying to explain this stuff in the most simple of terms? What should one pay attention to, what should one talk about and what should be skipped?

I’m a bit entrenched in the IT world so talking sense to people who have just learned how to copy paste in Windows is a challenge.

Any tips or links to information would be greatly appreciated.


Well… I would say, give them a list of [B]good and bad brands and MIDs[/B] (avoid RITEK G05, for example) :wink:

This is an example of what the German market would look like:

  • [B]Excellent[/B]
    High quality and stability. May be more expensive than other products.
    Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden (That’s), Plextor, Maxell Xtreme Protek…

  • [B]Mid-range[/B]
    Good media for good prices.
    Fujifilm, HP, Imation, Infiniti, Maxell, Panasonic, Philips, Ricoh, Sony, TDK…

  • [B]Cheap[/B]
    Good value, but not recommended for important data.
    Datasafe, Datawrite, Deja, Emtec, Intenso, JVC, LG, Lifetec, Memorex, Octron, Platinum, Primeon, Ridata, Ridisc, Samsung, Tevion, Traxdata, Ultron…

  • [B]Not recommended[/B]
    Very cheap, but incompatibilities and quality problems are not rare.
    Datawrite Mach4, Hyundai, MediaRange, Princo, Replika, Sky…
    And I would recommend talking to them about [B]proper storage[/B], checking the data regularly and stuff like that.

I’m not sure whether it’s useful to talk about [B]scanning [/B]to them, there are so many small things that can be misinterpreted. A good TRT (good as in without major slowdowns) is much more important anyway.

The different models of [B]OEM/ODM manufacturing[/B] (Fuji and Maxell aren’t making their own media, brand does not equal disc type, Philips buying Ritek’s or CMC’s media while Verbatim having CMC make their media with their technology) would be an interesting topic too…

[B]Bitsetting[/B] prevents headaches for the users burning DVDs for standalone players. :bigsmile:

Good luck, [B]Moomin[/B]!

Also, include as much as you can about DVD writers and firmware :slight_smile:

well to make it very simple…tell them to read the forums at CD Freaks…

sorry i couldnt resist…lol.

Well, it would be a great idea to make such a thing here at CD Freaks.

There used to be a CD Freaks Wiki that was read-only and suddenly disappeared during the transition or something like that… IIRC.
Maybe it could be relaunched for a DVD Blanks for Dummies guide? :wink:

Thanks for the tips sofar. I was intending to very briefly touch upon scanning so I could use the graphs to explain bad burns and disc degradation. I’ll see if I can find another way to tackle these subjects.

I’ll definitely include a shortlist of good and bad media, I’ll have to check local markets to see what brands they sell.

Unfortunately, sending them here isn’t an option Koba. They’re not English speakers :slight_smile:


If going into writing, a “Mutisession 101” on how NOT to lose previous sessions may be advisable - that is another screwup that that novice users seem good at.

Thanks, but I only have 10-20 minutes and I’ll have to cover the whole mess of MID vs brands, which brands use which MIDs, some of the time, Verbatim but preferably not MII, etc… it’s going to be confusing enough for these PC newbies :slight_smile:

Writing tips 'n tricks will have to wait until a new presentation.