Bit of help please with this compatibility




I am building a computer for my mate on a budget and i chose these speakers

Now i know they will work with the onboard sound the motherboard i am getting him BUT i have bad experiences with onboard sound in the past, so played it safe and got a seperate sound card. I chose:

Now without thinking i assumed they worked together (bad idea) so i have ordered them, and its only now i think they might not work together?? I’m sure there is some info on the page that would tell you but to me its all mumbo jumbo.


PS: Plese dont say "you shud have got this (enter soundcard/speaker system), cos its on a budget and i cant cancel the order.


You should have no problem with this setup. The only thing I see is you won’t get the full advantage of the audio card’s 7.1 surround capability with a 5.1 speaker setup.


Yeah, no probs. The only loss will be less speakers.


Thanks guys,