Bit of advice please

can anyone help , i have a lite on 32x
the prob is a bit strange i think , when i insert a disc it
reads it fine , but still just says cd-rw drive , used to let
me know what was on the disc , ie mp3 disc 2 or vcd or new
any advice would be great . im using xp-pro with dma enabled.

          tat1 :confused: 


this happens sometimes to me…usually a reboot cures this

  1. Avoid booting up with a disc in the drive.

  2. Close all explorer windows, click on an empty area on the desktop and press F5 a few times. Your problem will usually be absent when you reopen Explorer again

  3. Try SP1 Build 1060 (This is beta too and supercedes the earlier beta). However, since all Windows versions are more or less betas anyway, it’s unlikely to offer a permanent solution.

  4. “Upgrade” to Win2000

LOL #4 bp. :bigsmile:

tried these except for no 4 ( lmao ) but none worked
any other ideas


Yeah guys, I know it’s real funny about “upgrading” to Win2K. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I faced too many problems with XP, not the least of which was CD drives “disappearing”.

The fix from Microsoft was supposed to cure it, but there is no significant improvement.

There was a post on some site called TweakXP or something similar, advising users to make some registry modifications. (Sorry, I couldn’t locate it again. If I do, I’ll post the link in this thread).

This worked for about 2 days, then it was back to “Normal”.

I have heard of machines / software getting smarter thru experience. Microsoft is probably the only company building products that get dumber with use :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you mean
There are lots of “tips” on that page, some good and some less good… :slight_smile:
Scroll down a bit and there is the tweaks… :slight_smile:

That’s the site. However, one would still need to search for the tweak related to CD drive access speeds etc.