Bit for bit compression of DVDs

Can anyone recommend a software package that can do a bit for bit compression of DVD movies?

I don’t mind if the format becomes unwatchable while compressed (like a .rar format) because I don’t mind copying the contents onto my HD and decompressing them before watching it. I’m just looking for something that can compress with a high compression ratio with no data degradation whatsoever.

If you use AnyDVD, you can just copy the software off of a DVD. You can create an .ISO using CloneDVD (as well as other programs).

Thanks Pakratus. I was actually looking for something that could compress the data as well, so I could fit a DVD-5 into a standard DVD-R, for example.

Pretty sure rar/zip/ace/etc is your only option.


Would HuffyUV cut it?

huffyuv isn’t for what you’re trying to do.

are you planning on burning these movies onto dvds after compressing them? if so, you’ll usually only need to divide the files over two recordable dvds. for those rare cases that you can’t, the only option i can think of is rar, etc, while splitting the archives.

from what i remember, dvds don’t compress very well, if at all.

Yes, I was hoping on burning the movies onto DVDs after compressing them. I’ve tried RAR’ing a movie. It takes about 2 hours on my AMD 2500+ Barton comp. I gave up after about 20 mins…I will try leaving it overnight and seeing what compression ratios I get. Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

You don’t need to compress a DVD-5 to have it fit onto a DVD-R. What are you trying to do? This whole forum section is about programs that will compress (transcode) a movie to fit onto a DVD-R. Take your pick…