Bit disappointed - Maxell 16x TYG03



I got a bunch of 50 disc spindles from Xmediatrade after seeing some good scans here of Maxell branded TYG03’s.

One spindle arrived busted, but discs OK, Xmediatrade send me an entire new spindle. Very nice service.

They don’t seem to make my Pio 111 very happy though. They burn much betetr but still not as expected on my Plextor 716.

What do you say, bad luck, not the right drives, hot truck syndrome? (they look a bit like the scans from those ‘bad’ Plextor DVD+Rs from a while back, where Franck thought it probably was hot truck syndrome.

Here’s the scans. First 3 are burned on Pio 111 at 8x, 12, 16x and last a 8x burn on my Plextor 716.



Some variation can always be expected with TYG03.
Just continue using them in your Plex, they’re fine :slight_smile:


Hehe, I agree :slight_smile:


Just for comparison: Here are my results with Maxell TYG03 from xmediatrade:


With exception of the first one, they all look more like what I’d expect from TYG03.

Do the Pio 111 and to a certain extent the Plex 716 simply not have a correct strategy?

I recall some people exchanging their 16x DVD-R Verbatim strategy for an 8x strategy. Would such an operation perhaps help here too?



Well, you could always try the exchanging of strategies if you want, do you know how? It’s fairly simple.

I got my H22N to change it’s strategy for Mcc02RG20. The normal strategy makes an absolute coaster when it hits 8x, but when I exchanged the strategy for TYG02 it worked fine when it changed to 8x. Errors weren’t very low but WAY lower than before.

Try it, what’s the worst that can happen?


What about trying a strategy of a disc that is more similar to MCC 02RG20, such as CMC MAG. AE1? :slight_smile: