Birthday present



oh my… hmm…

ok, I am celebrating my birthday in a couple of weeks and i get to
buy a dvd burner for it (so my grandpa has a present to give :wink: )

But now I can’t choose, i read a lot of possitive and negative posts
about all drives I have to choose between.

I was thinking of the following drives (all OEM versions, within shipping costs):
BenQ DW1640 - €42
Lite-On SOHW-1693S - €44
NEC ND-3540 - €39

I have had good experiance with liteon burners, but i also hear
a lot of good things on the nec drives (friends of mine have the 3500).

But now i’m reading topics on this forum, a lot of good things about
all drives, and a lot of bad things about them.

Since the Plextor 640 is €61 its too much and its actually the same
as the BenQ drive, i think my preference goes to that drive at this point.

Can you guys (and girls?) help me decide which drive to get?


Buy the BenQ and have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Because a BenQ 1640 has:
-good writing quality
-solidburn and overspeeding
-good firmware support


The BenQ 1640 seems to have improved a lot with recent firmware updates it now supports overspeeding and solidburn via firmware updates, where as nec doesnt release many firmware updates and your are stuck to rely on 3rd party ones. As for LiteON they definetly dont produce the same quality as some of the older drives but things have started to improve recently.


Those are all great choices! The 3540 will work out of the box and has lots of FW support at CD freaks! The 1640 is the best burner out! The 1693 is a close second.