Birthday gift Idea

ok where are you from? russia i guess by the name?

ben :slight_smile:

i have a really good idea of how im going to give it to her… but what? i mean i dont wat to get her the usual…wat she wuld exspect…thats why i need some ladies opinions … i want to know what u wuld want…what wuld be the perfect bday present…but plz be realalistic…ty all for the help

lol no im not from russia i just love the name… im from Chicago… u?

i always like receiving my favourite perfume as a present “Clinique happy” at the moment, then taken out for a nice meal.
But that’s probably the usual gift idea :slight_smile:

Sometimes the best gift is not a materialistic one. I took my gf for private horseback riding lessons, and we enjoyed the day riding horses.

She loved it.

hmmmm… good ideas ty! i need as many ideas as possible!.. so plz more ppl give ur comments!

Methinks … you wearing a red birthday ribbon. That’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

Made my girlfriend cry. Fucking awesome.

I’d cry too if you gave that to me :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm how much …? arent they like 350?

A bag for a BAG?
Lesson one, never give them clothing, hard as we may try, it is never the right sizes or something they not like :iagree:

$500 now. I got mine for $300 thanks to a connect at Vuitton ;).