Birthday gift Idea

or shoes, shoes and more shoes :smiley:

It depend of the contents. :bigsmile:

what about a home made dvd?..

In that case, get the Natural Contours Magnifique.

  • Find your G-spot with this versatile vibrator made by a woman just for you.

get her a trip to a day spa…
you know, the facial, body wrap, foot message, that type of thing…
Gave me wife one, she loved it…

I’m sure she could find a use for anything from anne summers…

Thigh Master!

Du’h! I thought someone said Suzanne Summers.

Giant Purple Dildo!

A gift certificate, It’s good all around…
At least she wont say she didn’t like whatever you where going to buy her since she gets it herself…

ok, bear in mind it is his sister. incest is illegal in most places :stuck_out_tongue:

i need help with what to buy my gf for her birthday

can someone help me

Someone Plz Help Me Im Desperate! Any Ladies Or Even Guys Who Know What A Girl Wants Please Tell Me@! Im Lost!

me, but I am already taken

what is your gf into? what is she like?


ok i’ve got a idea.
just give her your creditcard number and the verification number on the backside!!!

i would be happy with it

greets from martijn

lol i dont have a credit card im 15…i wanted to get her a necklace… i mean… a necklace or a bracelet with her name engraved on it… or mine and hers somehting like that

i just want good ideas from guys and girls from everyone… so that i can put them all together and get something great! plz hep me…realistic ideas only plz…and ty for the help