Birthday gift Idea

I need to buy a present fot my sister turning 20yrs old. I have some idea’s in mind but would like insight from my fellow freaks here.

Thank you all…:slight_smile:

The cards

The gifts :

A bday card kinda goes without say, I mean, what shoudl I actually buy, more materialisitic.

I know there are few females here on the forums but I think girls know what other girls like best.

I was thinkin goff hand a region free DVD-player cause she often buys weird indepemdant films from other countries. But I wanted more insight from everyone here.

A ipod or a mini ipod.

A plane ticket

So i can take her out on a date :slight_smile:

give her a card that says “I was going to buy you a present, but I thought the money would be better” on the cover, and when you open it, it says " well I was right, the money was better" :wink:

  1. Not fancy gold or silver Jewellery.
    noteAs a male…you’re knowledge & experience in “what women want” could be summarised into approximately 12 bullet points. 6 of them would be obvious space filler (unless you are gay).*
  2. Not clothing (see above note)
  3. Teddy bears wearing funky clothing. No girl can resist a teddy bear, unless they are butch or gay, or more likely both :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Shot glasses.
  5. A bottle of some really good alcohol.
  6. 4 & 5 :wink:
  7. Chocolate. Expensive chocolate. Expensive chocolate sculptures. A leftover easter bunny does not count as said sculpture.
  8. Earthy jewellery (weird nut earings & stuff), pretty cloth/cotton/braided anklets, cloth bangles, nothing solid.

how much do you like your sister?

Its not about the object, its about the act of giving and receiving a gift, saying that she is special.

Think like a man and its ‘What the hell am I going to do with soap on the rope’.

Think like a woman and its ‘He gave me soap on the roap because he loves his sister’

PS don’t buy soap on the rope.

what is soap on the rope?

Me! :stuck_out_tongue:

dvds are impersonal and easily exchangeable :smiley:

Edible undies. :slight_smile:

No, he wants something classy.

How 'bout crotchless panties? :iagree:
Tell me that isn’t classy. :cool:

That’s not classy.
Not for your sister anyway. Most blokes don’t want to know that their sisters have a crotch, let alone have a use for crotchless panties :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks debro, this is my younger sister, stop with the jerry springer idea’s… pleazzzzeee

Maybe a charm bracelet she can always add extra charms when she feels like it so she is more likely to wear it and you could buy her some more charms for it next year.

if she wasnt your sister i would suggest sommit from Anne Summers …but seeing as she is how about a voucher to have a facial,manicure or sommit along those lines, us gals like stuff like that ;):slight_smile: