Bird Flu Hits Uk

Poppycock… hope i dont catch it

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sorry… got lost in the spur of the moment

Personally I hope none of us catch it.

Yeah… but dont they already have a vaccine for it?

I have not heard of a vaccine for H5N1. Vaccines take a long time to be manufactured and I haven’t heard or read anything that there is even a potential vaccine for it yet.

And it’s only a limited range of people who’ll get the vaccine. Those in critical jobs like Nurses, Police etc … and of course the most important people - our MPs.

They have a vaccine, for the birds. For them to develop one they need a sample of the virus that infect humans first.

Tim there was nothing wrong with the term poppycock. It is not in the catagory of obscene.

I agree. Even if the last 4 letters are… ehm… misleading. :bigsmile: link

lol I edited the post… it started with b and ended with ks

B…ks. Bird beaks. Yes, beware of bird beaks and so on in the future.
As for the vaccine - there is none that is really tested or proven to work so far. They think that they will be able to produce something that will provide a certain degree of protection, but because it is a mutating virus, no-one can predict how effective it will be.
This link may be helpful

At any rate, the term “Cock” usually refers to a male bird, which is related to the thread, aka the Bird flu, rather than the vulgar alternative meaning.

It sucks that the bird flu is anywhere … but as the world goes round & we develop bigger better antibiotics, the flus are gonna get worse, until eventually the human race lives on an antibiotic cocktail which the virii are unaffected by.

Word of advice … Antibiotics compromise your immune system, as they don’t specifically target a particular virus. Don’t take antibiotics unless you really need to, as it leaves you susceptible to more virii.

Actually antibiotics don´t target viruses…they only work against bacteria - a bird of another feather!

Aye, that you are correct.

Vaccines are commonly composed of virii which have been modified (aka neutered) are dead, or are vaguely related to the virus you are trying to combat, but doesn’t have the severe effects.

The plural of virus is virii, not viruses.
The bird flu is potentially one of the worst scenarios possible but the odds of mutation to kill humans is astronomical and at the moment only the press and the WHO (World Health Organization, not the band) think it poses a potential risk to humans. Remember SARS, it was also going to kill millions of people. The annual death toll from the run-of-the-mill flu is between 250,000 and 500,000. There are much more important things to worry about, like Iran getting the bomb.

You can’t argue with ignorance, but you can go on the record with the facts. /.

Now that’s just being pedantic. We know what the post means.

One never knows the capabilities of the general populace.

My problem? I was perfectly gruntled, until some numbnuts came by and dissed me. /.

Well, quoting from the Assciated Press report (link in earlier post)…

"More than 180 people worldwide, mostly in Asia, are known to have been infected with the H5N1 virus since 2003; more than 100 of them have died. Virtually all were infected by close contact with sick poultry. But flu viruses are prone to genetic mutations, and as H5N1 is now rapidly continent-hopping via migrating birds, there is increasing fear that it may eventually become easily spread from person-to-person, sparking a global epidemic.

Further complicating matters: This first H5N1 vaccine is already outdated, based on a version of the virus culled in Vietnam in 2004. Scientists now are creating a vaccine based on a slightly different Indonesian version that emerged last year; they don’t yet know how much protection the older vaccine would spur against the newer virus…"

PS I was a medical biochemist for 15 years and nowdays I teach English in Germany (one of my groups of students designs vaccines)

You need a stress ball to squeeze & beat up.

High stress levels have been linked to lower immune system activity which leaves you more susceptible to viral & bacterial infections :wink:

Why would I want that when I can vent here?

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