BIOSTAR GK3 good mech kb for starters?

I’ve been searching for affordable mechanical keyboards and found this.


Price is under $50
It has blue switches
Build is nice with LED backlit
Dust-proof and spill proof.

I am totally new to mechanical keyboards and I would
Iike to ask if this would be a good starter mech kb for
budget-conscious users like me. Thanks!

This board uses Outemu Blue switches which are known to be some of the loudest switches around, even more so than the Cherry Blue. They are also “scratchy”, in that they have a little bit of odd feel when depressing the keys.

Other than that, the Outemu switches aren’t too bad for a Cherry clone. Many prefer them over the Kalith switches. Quality control won’t match true Cherry keyboards however. And you won’t want to use this keyboard around other people, since they have a very sharp, CLICKY sound.

Thanks for the info. Another reason I would go for that switch is that sound. I dont find it annoying though.
Whenever I play with friends, I can even hear that clicks in the background when using comms. Then I told myself I should get one too lol