BIOS won't detect LG H62N SATA drive

I’ve installed a LG SATA DVD-RW drive H62NBBK on a Gigabyte 965P-DS3P motherboard. Windows XP is able to see the drive and I can read and burn disks. But I can’t see the drive in the BIOS. Also, I don’t get the option for the system to boot from the drive (I guess this is logical because the BIOS can’t see the drive!)

The BIOS is Award version F4. I connected the drive to Orange SATA connector 2. I have hard drives on Sata 0 and and 1. I’ve set Auto detect for all IDE channels.

Can anyone tell me how to set up the BIOS to see the drive?

Thanks in advance!

May be this could help?

Thanks KTL, I’ll look into that.

I don’t know if I haven’t looked far enough, but there doesn’t seem to very much information around about how to set the BIOS settings for SATA drives. The Gigabyte manual is very sparse and doesn’t explain the meaning of the settings.

Does anyone know of any links which explain the settings with regard to using SATA drives etc.?

Are other motherboard manufacturers any better than Gigabyte.?

Have you tried to contact the manufactor? That might be your best bet to see what is going on with your motherboard.

Yes, I have posted a query with Gigabyte. They said to try setting the Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode as RAID/IDE mode. I’ve asked them to explain this further as my hard disks are not RAID. I don’t want to make the change without understanding this further. (I’m worried about corrupting my hard disks!.)

I haven’t got an answer back from them yet.

Have you done a web search for your particular motherboard to see if other forums have solution to your problem?

Thanks Coolcolors.

Yes, I have done a web search for the motherboard but haven’t found anything yet.

Gigabyte are being pretty prompt in their responses. I’ll keep on discussing it with them and if I get a solution I’ll post it here.

There may be other issues besides not being able to boot, when the BIOS doesn’t see the drive. That drive may end up not using DMA, or a lower DMA mode.

I had a somewhat similar problem with an Intel mobo. I solved the problem by adding a PCI to SATA board. Mine has a Silicon Image SiI 3114 chip and handles SATA burners well. It’s a Rosewill, model RC-209.

I can boot from my burner when it’s plugged in to the Rosewell, but for some stupid reason XP won’t install itself unless I do the “Press F6 and insert the frickin’ floppy in the frickin’ floppy drive thing”. But I have other ways to install XP.

Ok since where still working on this problem how if you just give us a listing of what components are in your system?
ex. motherboard bios version, cards in slot, HD type and size, power supply, cable type 80 pin or sata, CPU, GPU, memory type and size, DMA or no?, Burner type, Master-Slave setup, just general desktop configuration so we can see what might be causing the problem or find a solution. If you want to give out that system configuration? But from what I know you should be able to detect from the startup on the BIOS screen the type of Burner you have unless you need a BIOS update from Gigabyte?

My system configuration is as follows:
Gigabyte 965P-DS3P motherboard ver 2. Intel 6320 CPU
Award BIOS version F4
2X Hitachi 320 GB Hard drives connected to SATA ports 0 and 1.
NVidia 7300LE graphics card.
DVD drive is LG GSA-H62NBBK on SATA port 2

This DVD drive seems to have only been released very recently. It has only appeared on the LG website in the last couple of weeks.

If memory serves me well I remember people saying you don’t have to set drives on sata it does it automatically. Only if your using IDE do you have to set the drives on BIOS. I could be wrong but that seems to how I remember reading it on this CD Freaks forum. I think if your O/S can see them you should be fine. Have you tried to use it to burn or backup dvd or data yet?

Yes - I have used the drive to burn a DVD - and it works fine.

The problem is to do with booting from the drive. I previously had an IDE drive in this PC and if I put a bootable CD in the drive I got an option to boot from the drive at one stage in the boot sequence.

With this SATA drive I don’t get this “boot from CD” option. I’m assuming that if i could get the BIOS to see the drive then I’d also get the boot option. (But this is only a guess.)

try setting your sata connection to your board oppisite of where you HDDS are plugged in if your board has it this cured my problem that you are having I did not have to do anything in the Bios.

Thanks bstcopy,

What do mean by “setting the SATA connection to the board opposite of where the HDDs are plugged in”? Do you mean use a particular SATA connector on the board.?

where my sata plugs in for my hardrive on the board on the other side I have more sata connectors on the board I plugged in to the one that the hardrive was not connected too.

hope this helps good luck!

Thank you very much bstcopy!,

Your suggestion worked! I changed the DVD drive to SATA port 4 from SATA port 2 (I didn’t make any other change) . The BIOS now finds the drive and does boot from it. The drive is also still working fine within XP.

Thank you to everyone who helped.

Glad I could help I had just installed a new sata burner and run into the same problem!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

So what did you have connected to sata 1? I thought it shouldn’t matter on what sata connector you plug into it would or should find the drive in the BIOS?

I thought the same as you, that I could plug the DVD in anywhere - maybe there’s a bug in the BIOS?
I’ve got hard drives on SATA 0 and SATA 1. SATA 4 is now the only other SATA port being used.

The other confusing thing is that the DVD now comes up on IDE channel 2 in the BIOS list. So there doesn’t seem to be a direct relationship between SATA connector and IDE channel. (Apparently SATE emulates IDE in some way so the BIOS still displays devices listed by IDE channel.)

If anyone knows of a good link which explains how all this is meant to work it would be great. All I can see so far is that SATA has added another way to cause confusion in PC setup.!