BIOS update on Ubuntu notebook - how?!

How can one best perform an update of the BIOS on a Dell Precision M4500 running Ubuntu 20.04.02?

The current BIOS on the Dell is Version A07; the latest available A16.
Must all interim versions be installed OR would a straight update from A07 to A16 suffice?

Dell’s BIOS files are Windows or DOS executables. As far as I’m aware you cant update the BIOS from Linux.
Plus. The BIOS updates are incremental. So in some cases you can’t just flash from an old version to a new version.

Thank you for confirming that BIOS updates are incremental.

The first BIOS update for my Dell is “M4500A08.EXE”.
I have not found “an idiot’s guide” = step-by-step prep for this.
I somehow have to flash each BIOS file from a USB thumb-drive on boot. But HOW to create a Win/DOS thumb-drive with this update executable when I only have a Linux OS?

Dell will only support the OS installed when you purchased the laptop.

Google for Windows2Go. You may be able to find a guide on how to create a 'Windows" on a USB pendrive from Linux.

Many thanks for your rapid assistance. The weekend is reserved.