BIOS update for Dell Precision M4500 -- running Ubuntu

Having recently installed Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS, the new experience is rather disappointing.:
sluggish in booting;
when transferring volumes of data, such that a progress-window appears in previous Ubuntu, there is no such item now - only a small blue rotating disc/arrow: very slow
(with older Ubuntu, one could make tea and observe from a distance).

I found my current BIOS is old, namely A07.
The latest is A16, with interim BIOS updates necessary - firstly A08.

I downloaded the file --M4500A08.EXE-- and popped it on a thumb-drive. But booting to this resulted in a screen remaining black and a blinking cursor. Nothing happened for several minutes, before I terminated the process.

I did then boot to Ubuntu with no further trouble. So, A07 is still working.
Does A07 have a virus? How can one ensure it is clean?
and, finally, PLEASE:
How should I properly update the current BIOS to A08, then A09, eventually to A16?

I am quite frustrated. Dell’s URL pages drives one into a reference loop …

The BIOS file is a Windows executable. So you have to be running Windows to update the BIOS on that machine. Which is done by double clicking on the file from the Windows desktop.

Regarding ubuntu. In my experience the 20 series of ubuntu is dreadful.
If you’re feeling adventurous, I can recommend Manjaro if you must have the Gnome desktop they have a Gnome version, but the XFCE version is less resource hungry, and a lot more functional.

I am flummoxed with an EXE file for a BIOS update. Dell seems only to offer this, forcing a Windows world! I am certain that such updates can be performed without Windows - an ISO file? But HOW?
(I have no Windows OS.)
ReactOS? Though, that remains in development.

Sorry about the delay.

Using your Linux you can get a Windows 10 ISO from here.
You can burn the ISO onto either a DVD or a USB pendrive with at least 8GB capacity.

You will need to install it onto an HDD, then flash the BIOS. A serial key is not required to install Win 10.

Once you have the new BIOS flashed you can then go back to Linux.
As far as I’m aware. There is no other way to flash a new BIOS to your machine other than that method.

The. EXE file contains the BIOS flasher software as well as the BIOS itself.