BIOS rollback



I’ve updated the BIOS on my Sony PCV RX-670, now it freezes for no good reason. Mainly when I try to print, but at any time using it. Is there a way to roll back the update? I’ve Zeroed the drive and reinstalled Win XP to no avail. Any ideas?


You cannot roll back, you can reload old once, if you kept a copy, or go back to the web site if they have your older version available.


Tried to reload old one. It didn’t switch back. Worth trying again, though.


If you have a motherboard manual, there should be page how to reset BIOS to default, it may require Jumper setting, than you can load the version you had before.


Did you load the BIOS defaults after the flash?

Some mainboards throw a fit if you don’t reset to default, clear CMOS, etc.


Have you gone through the BIOS and verified all of the settings are correct and disabled any hardware not used (such as serial ports, parallel port, etc.)? Flashing the BIOS results in everything being set to default, which should be fine, but there are sometimes issues.

Aside from that, try troubleshooting the problem. Watch the HDD LED when the slowness occurs to see if it is constantly on. Open Task Manager and watch the processes and cpu usage when the pause occurs. Check the Event Viewer in Windows and see if Windows is reporting any issues. Ensure you have all of the lastest drivers for your hardware. If Sony released a BIOS update, they likely released driver updates as well.


Got to the point where I have to insert floppy. Looking for missing floppy PW.
Never used the darn thing!