Bios on a new m/b



on new motherboards, is bios always preloaded ?

Do many people put new bioses on their mobos?

I can't imagine how to do it if there is nothing there in the first place ! :slight_smile:


i always put the latest bios on my mobo.
I had some mobo’s with older firmware when i bought them, i flashed them before i installed windows…lol

normally there is a good guide on the webside of the mobo builder.

With award biosses you have to go the real dos and flash the bios
(disable the bios protection either on your mobo or in the bios)


it is ok… i’ll pass.

or is it seriously worth doing?


if you want the put an other cpu on your motherboard or other memory…then yes …it can sometimes be better to upgrade…

like upgrading a cdrw drive


ASUS has a tiny little prog called “update”, which you can flash your bios in windows with.

I can mail it if you need.


please,but i assume it is for only asus mobos




There is no reason why anyone should not be able to flash their Bios.


If it is done wrong it normally costs more than the board is worth to fix it.

It has to be the right bios for the board
It has to be the right Flash program
You have to follow the proceedure to the letter
It is better if you have seen it done before

If you think you have done it wrong DO NOT reboot the computer and you may have a chance of saving it.

If you do it wrong your board is useless until it is fixed if it can be.

Now go flash your Bios :slight_smile:


ill pass


Here is a excellent way of learning how to correctly flash bios.

Go to a yard sale, a flea market or a thrift store, spend between 10 and 30 $ for a used old computer. Look for a bios update and flash it on the used box. this is a way to learn how to do it.
This way u learn how to do it with messing up the computer you use on a daily basis. I know it sounds stuipid to spend money on something that is old as dirt, but it is a way to learn.


Flashing a BIOS can help you with quite some problems. It can fix certain hardware conflicts etc. It even can add new feautures to your motherboard.

But be aware, flashing a BIOS can be dangerous. If done wrong (or some error occurs while flashing) you could kill your BIOS-software. A new BIOS-chip costs often more than a completely new board!

If you follow the guideluines, most times mentioned on the website of your motherboard’s producer, the chance of problems is not that big. But’s still a risk.

Often ppl say: don’t fix what ain’t broken. If you really don’t know what you are doing: stick to this quote. Otherwise: flash it! Some extra performance for free is always nice…


“If you really don’t know what you are doing”

i am ashamed to say i dont

but the suggestion by cloakda is good - i may try it;

but how can i find out what mobo i have - the exact model number?